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      "Thank you!" cried Kincaid, letting out a stirrup leather. "Adolphe, will you take that despatch on to Bartleson?" He hurried to the other stirrup.The blood surged to his brow. A wilder agony was on hers as he held her from him, rigid; "Enough!" he cried; "We're caged and doomed. Yet you still have this one moment to save us, all of us, from life-long shame and sorrow."

      "Yet, Captain Kincaid, it is the flag of all those hundred girls; and if to any one marching under it it is to be the flag of any one of us singly, that one can only be--you know!"

      Pity kept it from her lips, even from her weeping eyes; yet somehow the fallen boy heard, but when he tried to answer she hushed him. "Oh, never mind that," she said, wiping away the sweat of his agony, "it isn't important at all."

      Do you mean to say you are going to wear

      '"Final Figures of the St. Louis Hotel Free-Gift Lottery and Bazaar'!" called Constance, while Anna's eyes flew over the lines.I wish I dared, he said under his breath.

      Ariston, whispered the poor mother, utter no curses, no evil words. Remember, she is your daughter.

      "Oh!" interrupted Constance, "why not leave the forts? We don't need them now; those old wooden ships can never withstand our terrible ironclads!"


      "Ah-h! because, as usual--"In another way. Yes, I knowin another way, she said.


      "Yes?" soothingly interposed Madame, "'t was a so verrie pewblic that--"


      Ah, yes, he said in his courtly way; I am told that black swans are not rara avis there, but I can only say that I have seen but one specimenmy daughter. He said my daughter with a pride beyond description. Presently he rose to retire, and when Esmeralda, who had been watching him, came up to wish him good-night, as she always did, no matter how large or stately the company, he bent and kissed her."When other lips and other hearts